Kids’ Pasta Project is an engaging grassroots organization that not only teaches culinary skills but also fosters essential life and business skills. By promoting teamwork, initiative, and problem-solving we empower young participants to develop valuable abilities while cultivating a passion for community service. Moreover, our efforts raise funds for our esteemed local partner organizations!

Kids serving

During each volunteer session there is a 15-20 min lesson on culinary arts, budgeting, teamwork, initiative, problem-solving, or service. Our Teen Youth Advisory Council trains the younger participants!

🌱 Nurturing Life and Business Skills: KPP focuses on developing essential life and business skills in our youth volunteers.

🀝 Understanding Local Philanthropy: Through teamwork, initiative, and creative problem-solving, your children will gain a deeper understanding of local philanthropy and organizational development.

🍲 Culinary Adventures with Local Foods: Kids will discover the joys of local foods, get to know local farms and seed savers, develop culinary skills, and practice seasonal eating.

πŸš€ Strategizing for a Better Experience: Youth Participants get the unique opportunity to hear feedback and actively strategize on how to make our diners’ experience even more enjoyable, promoting a sense of ownership and responsibility.

πŸ“š Empowering Through Education: Our Youth Advisory Council empowers teens to explore the world of nonprofit management with exposure to CRM operations, staff training, and marketing skills provides a well-rounded educational experience.

πŸ•°οΈ Accumulate Volunteer Hours: KPP tracks accumulated volunteer hours, which can assist older participants with job and college applications.

πŸ“ Compelling Letters of Recommendation: KPP Dinner Managers write compelling letters of recommendation for our dedicated volunteers.

🌍 Crash Course in Making a Difference: It’s more than volunteering; it’s a crash course in making a difference, giving youth a valuable advantage as they make changes in their community and enter the labor market.

🀝 Engaging in Local Philanthropy: Youth connect with the leaders of local non-profits, delve into the significant impact they are making in our community, understand the challenges they are addressing, and discover the empowering notion that everyone can contribute to positive change. This experience instills a commitment to service as a fundamental aspect of citizenship.

KPP is a family affair! KPP is appropriate for kids 7 years old and older. Sometimes younger siblings join in with dedicated parental support. We even have a teen program!

We request that children under 10 have a parent/adult volunteer present or be with another adult volunteer as their proxy. We also ask that parents of older volunteers sign up for the first 2 shifts a youth signs up and we encourage each parent of older, long-time volunteers to sign up and assist for at least 2 shifts per year (adult shifts can be partial).

Volunteers instructing kids

We email volunteer sign-up opportunities 3-4 weeks before each dinner. To be added to our volunteer list, email us.

Cooking Sessions

  • Make the pasta dough and roll out the noodles or other dough
  • Prepare the salad or side
  • Help make the sauce
  • Prepare dessert

Dinner Service Sessions

  • Set the tables and learn fancy napkin folds
  • Host/Hostess
  • β€œGreeter” (usually an extra role for younger kids)
  • Cashier
  • Waiter/Waitress
  • Busboy/girl
  • Sous chef for salad, bread and dessert
  • Mid-dinner speech (all participants get a role to play)
Kids preparing dinner

During volunteer shifts, we ask everyone to wear closed-toed shoes and have their hair pulled back and covered with a hat or bandana. KPP provides aprons and KPP Shirts for dinner service.

Meals are served to volunteers as part of training during volunteer shifts. When we sit down to dinner together before the guests arrive, we have the opportunity to hear about the community organizations being sponsored and others who have applied. Please be sure to include dietary restrictions during your sign-up.