Partner-Recipient Organizations

Kids’ Pasta Project partnered with these community organizations in 2016. A total of $15,041 was raised at KPP dinners to support the community!


Kids’ Pasta Project youth volunteers worked over 1,400 hours serving and learning through dinners and special events.

Community and Skill Building

Kids’ Pasta Project is about community and all that can be learned by working as a part of it.


  • KPP served 20 fundraising dinners for community organizations in 2015.
  • Over 1,200 volunteer hours went into serving and learning about the community.
  • KPP helped local organizations raise over $5,000 for their work.
  • The KPP dinner for the Paonia Historical Society was held on the museum grounds for the first time.
  • KPP Volunteers prepared and served over 200 dinners at the park for Ride the Rockies in June.
  • KPP volunteers served at the BMW Rally in July for the seventh time and loved it more than ever.
  • Thanks to the teen volunteers–Siena, Jeze and Lene–who helped manage the dinners!
  • Thanks to Backcountry Bistro, who partnered with KPP to offer cooking classes for teens.
  • Thanks to the members of our North Fork community who offered donations to support dinner management.
  • Thanks to the Anschutz Family Foundation for supporting Kids’ Pasta Project’s long-range planning for improving youth training and opportunities!