Become A Sponsor

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The Kids’ Pasta Project mission includes supporting and collaborating with local businesses as much as possible. We realize that donating to local organizations such as KPP and our Partner-Recipient organizations does not directly make local businesses thrive financially, so we invite local producers and business to provide their products to us just as they would any restaurant, and we will proudly recognize them as local providers.

As we strive to make KPP sustainable, we also appreciate any donations that individuals and businesses can make to our organization. In our valley of creative thinking, we recognize an array of possibilities for win-win situations, whether it is publicity for produce, dinner for donations or simply the satisfaction of giving. Please consider the following ways to be part of the KPP community as a sponsor.

Individual KPP Sponsors

We appreciate all donations of any amount! Following are some ideas for suggested donations:

  • For a $150 donation, sponsor KPP Dinner Management for a dinner and receive a complimentary dinner for two.
  • For a $250 donation, become a KPP Training Sponsor and know that your money goes directly towards training youth in KPP operations. You will also receive a complimentary dinner for two.
  • For a $500 donation, your logo will be used on our KPP tee-shirts and you will be recognized as a major sponsor on our website.
  • For a $1,000 donation, you will be named the producer on a KPP “How-To” video!

KPP Local Providers are farms and businesses that sell local produce to KPP at a wholesale rate. Providers are announced at dinners and listed seasonally on the website.

KPP Local Sponsors are local businesses who donate goods or services to Kids’ Pasta Project or who offer below-wholesale discounts and in-kind contributions. They are listed on the website and on table tents and possibly other publications. Records are kept of the donation amounts and a donation receipt will be provided at the end of the year. Should that amount exceed $500, the Sponsor becomes a Major Local Sponsor.

KPP Dinner Management Sponsors donate $150 which goes directly towards providing a stipend for an experienced management volunteer or small group of managers to take full responsibility for running the dinner sponsored. Dinner management sponsors may choose the dinner they wish to sponsor as long as it is not already sponsored.

KPP Major Local Sponsors are those who give $500 or more in goods, services or cash directly to Kids’ Pasta Project per year. Major sponsors are listed as such on the KPP website and on table tents and possibly other publications. Major Sponsor logos may also be printed on KPP tee-shirts. Major Sponsors are invited to the KPP Anniversary Dinner in April.

Dinner Sponsors donate to specific dinners in order to support specific KPP Partner-Recipient organizations. They will be recognized as such at the dinner and the donated amount will go directly to the Partner-Recipient organization.

KPP Foundation Sponsors are foundations who donate to Kids’ Pasta Project. Depending on the guidelines of the foundation, they will be listed on the website and on KPP tee-shirts.

Your support for Kids’ Pasta Project means support for kids who are supporting our community. It means you are helping build a sustainable network of opportunities to learn through service!

Please send checks to P.O. Box 21, Hotchkiss, CO 81419