Partner-Recipient Role

Role of Partner-Recipients

We refer to the community organizations and individuals who receive funds from KPP as partners because we value the opportunity to work together to support the community.

Although the general public is always welcome at KPP dinners, we find that when partner organizations participate in the event, it can be much more rewarding for them in many ways.

Here are a few ways to enhance your partnership with KPP:

  • Advertise the dinner. Here are some suggestions how:
  1. Send an email about it to your friends and membership list.
  2. Put up fliers.
  3. Send out a public service announcement (PSA).
  4. Call your radio station and schedule an interview and/or announcement.
  5. Put the announcement and a link to KPP on your website.
  • Provide a door prize for the dinner.
  • Organize a silent auction to be held at the dinner.
  • Offer information about your organization at the dinner.
  • Put up a display.
  • Have fliers or brochures available.
  • Give a brief speech at the dinner.
  • Come early to talk with the youth volunteers about your cause.
  • Provide at least two adults to help cleanup from around 8:00-9:30 p.m.

Normally we have plenty of volunteers for the preparation and serving, but during the school year when the children need to be home by 8pm (requiring the parents to drive them) we could use 2-4 extra people to help with cleanup. It is a great way to also get to know the other volunteers! This help is greatly appreciated!

Please give us the names of the people who will be at dinner early to talk with the volunteers about your organization or project and the people who will be helping with clean up so that we can check in with them.

We send out a dinner announcement to our email list the Friday before the dinner, giving friends of partner organizations time to make reservations before the general public. We can include a paragraph or two about your organization in that announcement, so please email anything you want included in that.

Thank you for your interest in working with the Kids’ Pasta Project!